First, try refreshing your browser, it may be the browser has ‘cached’ the page and showing you the old version.

If that hasn’t worked, try viewing in a new Private window - this starts a new browser ‘session’.

If still not showing, let us know!

What's caching?

As the need for website speed increases, caching is implemented for a faster user experience. Essentially, this saves a 'flat' version of your web pages, which are then stored on the site itself, in the server, and ultimately your browser will also save cached versions of frequently visited pages.

If a page or post has recently changed it can take some time to update everywhere, so opening a new Private / Incognito window forces the site to load a fresh instance.

Caching is usually set to refresh every 24hrs, but we can push through an update it if it is time critical - just log an Urgent ticket with us if that's the case.